Domestic violence does not discriminate. It knows no boundaries. It is unpredictable. In its aftermath, it leaves a thunderous silence where closed doors shield a wake of heartbreak, havoc, and humiliation that echoes throughout victims’ lives, and all too often, results in death.

House of the Good Shepherd has opened our hearts and doors to more than 5,900 women and children survivors of domestic violence since 1980.

1.      First and foremost, we help our families gain stability by avoiding further victimization. We provide them a safe place to live and the support they need to access appropriate health and welfare services. 

2.      We help survivors to confront and overcome their traumatic experiences. We earn their trust by helping families develop, regain confidence, resilience, independence and dignity.

3.      We assist our families in accessing legal assistance, trauma-informed counseling, addiction services, education, child welfare, immigration, housing, employment, health and medical services. Ultimately, we provide opportunities for families to develop positive relationships and the skills necessary to live successful, independent and fulfilling lives.









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