One measure of our residents’ healing and recovery is our domestic violence pre-tests and post-tests, which evaluate such things as the symptoms and manifestations of domestic violence, the effects of abuse on their lives, the effects of abuse on their children, and the women’s understanding of their legal rights as victims of domestic violence.

Of the women who completed our program in 2011, 95% women showed in pre-tests and post-tests that they had increased or substantially increased their understanding of domestic violence. 

In 2011, women at the point of entering our program had experienced levels of depression at the average Beck Depression Inventory score of 21.4, ranking in the “moderate depression” category.  When they completed our program, 95% of the women had improved scores on the Beck Depression Inventory with an average score of 6.15, and 70% of them exited the program with depression levels rated in the “normal ups and downs” category. 

Upon exiting, mothers were asked to complete a Child Development/Positive Parenting Class Evaluation and rate the effectiveness of our parenting classes on a scale of “very helpful” to “helpful” to “not helpful.”  The women who completed our program in 2011 found the parenting/child development classes “very helpful” (95%) or “helpful” (5%).