Financial Independence

Financial abuse occurs in 98% of all domestic violence cases. Domestic violence abusers have always been financially controlling. However, today’s technology makes it much easier to steal and sabotage private information about another person. As a result, abusers can ruin a woman’s credit by opening up accounts, putting all credit card debt and loans in her name while putting all assets in his. Once a person’s credit is destroyed it takes time and effort to fix.

We educate women from all walks of life about how to actively participate in all of their financial decisions. Classes focus on the basics of writing checks and keeping track of their Check Register, answering different scenario questions, deciding differences between debit and credit cards, planning for moving costs, differentiating between needs and wants and determining occasional and unexpected expenses.

A top priority for the program is to reinforce the importance for a woman to have her own separate credit cards and bank accounts. When a woman achieves independence, she is also increasing her personal safety with the confidence of knowing she can survive on her own without depending on others.